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Along with broadcasting LIVE meetings on Cox Channel 16, GCTV now streams those same meetings LIVE on the GCTV website.  This enables people to view these meetings LIVE from any location with internet access and without requiring a Cox Communications account.  These LIVE meetings will be available on the GCTV homepage in the "Shows in the Spotlight" section.  The link will be the first listing in that section.  Example: "LIVE Granby Board of Selectmen Meeting".  Click that link and select the Play Button in the same way prerecorded and posted meetings are viewed now.  To check listings for upcoming LIVE meetings for the current week go to "Program Guide".


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Saturday Nights at 11:00pm
on Cox Channel 16


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How do I access the programming on Granby Community Television / GCTV  Cox Channel 16 ?
With the introduction of the Cox "Mini Box" GCTV programming is always available on Channel number "16". 
Another option is to go to the GCTV website which provides Internet access to all Locally produced programs. The website address is
For those with AT&T or a satellite television provider the website is the only option for now. Calling your provider to request the addition of GCTV Channel 16 to your line up will support efforts to achieve this in the future.  
Granby Community Television with the support from the Tri-Town Cable Committee produces local programming for the towns of East Granby, Granby and Hartland.  We have recorded over three thousand town meetings and local events since going on the air in July 2006.  GCTV is committed to supporting the continued availability of locally produced programming.  We are always seeking volunteers to help in taping and producing shows.  You can contact the station through the website. If you have any difficulty accessing our programming in any way please contact GCTV Station Manager, Mark Bombard @ 860-712-8754.



Get to Know Us

Granby Community Television was founded in 1991 for the purpose of informing and educating the residents of Granby about their community. In its thirty years of existence, GCTV has recorded over three thousand programs, obtained non-profit and tax-exempt status, and worked with the Town and The Granby Drummer to obtain studio space at 11 North Granby Road, next to the Police Station.

On July 07, 2007 the second phase of GCTV's existence was underway. Cox Channel 16 officially went on the air and has become Granby, East Granby, and Hartland's exclusive public access channel, with the ability to broadcast live from the Granby Town Hall in addition to streaming live and recorded programs on the website. Local town board meetings, school, town, athletic, and organization events are broadcast to local residents. Notice of future events and announcements will appear on our Scrolling Calendar. Emergency information will be disseminated as quickly as possible.


View These "Shows In The Spotlight".

View These "Shows In The Spotlight".
Click on show to view.

Granby Board of Education - 09-20-23
East Granby Board of Finance - 09-19-23
Granby Board of Selectmen - 09-18-23
East Granby Board of Selectmen - 09-13-23
Granby Inland Wetlands & Watercourses Commission - 09-13-23
Granby Planning & Zoning Commission - 09-12-23
East Granby Board of Education - 09-11-23
Granby Board of Education - 09-06-23
East Granby Commission on Aging - 09-05-23
East Granby Economic Development Commission - 08-28-23
East Granby Zoning Board of Appeals - 08-24-23
Granby Board of Selectmen - 08-21-23
East Granby Board of Finance - 08-15-23
East Granby Board of Education - 08-14-23
Hartland Historical Society Annual Blueberry Picnic 2023
Granby Inland Wetlands & Watercourses Commission - 08-09-23
Hartland Affordable Housing Plan - 08-09-23
East Granby Board of Selectmen - 08-09-23
East Granby Planning & Zoning Commission - 08-08-23
Granby Board of Selectmen - 08-07-23
East Granby Board of Finance Special Meeting - 08-02-23
Granby Charter Revision Commission - 07-26-23
East Granby Town Meeting - 07-25-23
Granby Board of Finance - 07-24-23
East Granby Economic Development Commission - 07-24-23
East Granby Board of Finance - 07-18-23
Granby Board of Selectmen - 07-17-23
East Granby Board of Selectmen - 07-12-23
Granby Planning & Zoning Commission - 07-11-23
East Granby Board of Education - 07-10-23
Granby Charter Revision Public Hearing - 07-10-23
East Granby Public Hearing & Town Meeting - 07-05-23
Granby Planning & Zoning Commission - 06-27-23
East Granby Board of Education - 06-26-23
East Granby Economic Development Commission - 06-26-23
Granby Board of Education - 06-21-23
East Granby Town Meeting - 06-20-23
Granby Board of Selectmen - 06-20-23
East Granby Board of Selectmen Special Meeting - 06-16-23
Hartland Historical Society Fall Membership Meeting & Presentation - 11-13-22
World War II Traveling Museum
Hartland Land Trust Speaker Series, "River Stewardship"
Hartland Historical Society Blueberry Picnic 2022
Hartland Carnival & Parade 2022
Hartland Land Trust presents, "Bobcats"

The Drummer


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