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Request Taping of an Event (form)

This form must be completed and returned no later than 2 weeks prior to the event in order to receive consideration.

Sponsoring Group/Organization:
Event Name:
Contact Person:
Date and Time Frame:
Is 120 V power available nearby? Yes No

This request form can be mailed to:
11 North Granby Rd.
Granby, CT 06035

Please note that GCTV relies solely on volunteers and contributions to operate. Requests are taken on a first come-first served basis and at the availability of staff.

It is requested that a group member assist in the production either as a camera operator or set-up assistance.

A tax-deductible donation, while not required, would be appreciated.



what do you want to see on GCTV?  What do you want to see on TV?

what do you want to see on GCTV?  What do you want your family to see on TV?

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